This blog was founded as a place for my writing about the American Jewish community and Israel-Palestine.

When I was in college, I was a student activist with Open Hillel, a campaign to get Hillel International (the primary Jewish organization serving American college/university campuses) to abolish its policies that restrict debate about Israel. I’m also a proud alum of Achvat Amim, a five-month Jerusalem-based volunteer program which I completed after graduate school.

I started this blog shortly after I started working full-time and found myself still having a lot of opinions about this constellation of issues. I’m unsure of the scope and format of posts I’ll be making here. I’ve written some satire posts (which I hope don’t confuse people alongside the serious ones.) And there’s a good chance I’ll expand to other issues related to Judaism and/or American politics generally. In any case, this is a place for me to publish anything I write that I don’t think would fit in an existing publication — for anyone who might want to read it. (You can find other writing of mine in Jewish Currents, The Forward, and Haaretz.)

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